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It's been a really windy first part of the year so I haven't flown much. Now they are both dead.

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Won't power up, and won't charge. They won't even talk to me unless I jump through a bunch of hoops. Dear Starship, Thank you for letting us know about the current status on the battery. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues on it. Kindly fill up the information for us to be able to go on the next procedure. Proof of Purchase Photos of the battery, including the Serial number Screen shot of the battery info, from the GO app Short video showing the issue Has the battery been involved in any rough landings or crashes?

We appreciate your cooperation and our outmost thanks for the patience on this matter. Especially the part about the Go app Twitter Facebook Favorite 5 Like. Use props. I recently jump through the hoops to send back a Brand new dead battery. Inspire arrived and the battery was already completely dead. I didn't answer the go pro app question. Seemed kind of silly considering the battery never came on fresh out the box.

I suspect that they packed me a used battery because there was already a small black mark on top of the battery under the plastic covering. I had to go out and by a new battery from a local store. It worked immediately. Anyway I'm waiting on a response now. Hi Starship, did you try to connect the charger and battery any way and charge it at least for a hour?

Maybe it will revive Wolfman Offline. Hi Starship, I have used this process and it worked without issue, brought my dead battery back to life. See post 3 for details, very easy process too! Wolfman Posted at Hi Starship, I have used this process and it worked without issue, brought my dead battery back to They demanded the same information they requested of you - pictures of the battery, video of the charging process, error code from the app, and info from the SD card.

They refused to do the right thing - send me a new battery immediately. They are just attempting to delay. I will be returning the whole unit for a credit; I have contacted by credit card company to file a complaint and get a credit.

I will not do business with DJI ever again. DJI-Jamie Offline. DJI team. Starship I understand your frustion.Credit Rules Jump to the last page. Login Register. Battery won't charge or power on after storage. Uploading and Loding Picture Hi all, Just hoping I could get some advice on a problem I've had. I've been unable to use my Inspire 1 for a few months due to work. I've come back today to find one battery has swollen and the second battery, whilst not swollen, will not power on or charge.

I've decided to dispose of the first battery as I know swollen cells are dangerous to keep around. The second battery however, I'm hopeful can be recovered? When I try to power on the battery, I get the red power button come on and then the bottom green light flashes a few times If I try to charge it, I get the same. I've read the manual and I can't seem to find this error code, any advice on what the problem is and how I might resolve it would be very much appreciated.

Use props. I thought a video of the problem might help:. Leave it on charge for an hour or two. If you don't use the batteries for any length of time they will discharge themselves to the correct voltage. DJI-Jamie Offline. DJI team. Sorry for not replying guys, I had forgotten about this post!

I also read that the batteries should be fully discharged and charged every 12 weeks or so - this is when I discovered the batteries had both died.

The first battery is now in a waterproof bin in the garden, pending disposal as one of the cells has swollen, but I'm hoping I can still save this one. I understand how to look after LiPo batteries and I did what I thought was best considering I couldn't use them, I'm disappointed to see that I'm not the only one to have had this issue. Here's what happens when I attempt to charge apologies for the poor quality.

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The charging circuit constantly drains the pack probably to keep the intelligent circuit powered and, left alone, the pack will quite literally discharge itself to death. I had 2 packs come out of storage with the exact same symptoms you have.

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So, if you've tried all the usual stuff power on while charging, leave on charger for a couple hours, etc and you still are under warranty DJI only warrants their batteries for 6 months, which makes sense because they're badly designed and are prone to failure you can have them replaced. Otherwise: 1 Pry off the white plastic top. I guess this is why DJI doesn't talk about this issue too much It'll take about minutes to revive the pack.

I recovered two batteries this way. I'd not used the Inspire for three mo Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately this battery is now a paper weight; it won't turn on at all and plugging it in to the charger does nothing. Very disappointing that despite following the recommended steps for storage, my very expensive batteries are now useless. StefanKrapf Offline. Hi, is it possible with a battery for Ronin-M too to recover this? Because I see that to open up the battery seems to be not that easy.

And I don't know if it works too to charge without the electonics.Menu Menu.

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I've got a problem with my laptop battery A41 XA. Three or four months ago it stopped charging when i plugged it into the laptop. The laptop showed the message: "Plugged in, not charging. I opened the battery and checked with a multimeter and saw that one cell was dead it had 0V. So, i bought 4 new cells and replaced the old ones I charged the cells at 4. But it was still not charging. When i unplugged the power cord from the laptop it suddenly stopped, as if there was no battery.

I opened the battery again and checked the voltage, but there was no change. I also checked every individual cell to see if there was any difference between them, but the cell voltages were the same. I believe the PCB that controls the battery's charging process is the problem. Oct 13, 3, 1 16, Sorry for the late reply, the BQ30Z55 is only programmable with a software and a serial hardware, see the information on this site.

Dec 25, 3, 24, I know that V is quite normal for the battery. It has got 4 cells, each with a maximum voltage of 4.

So, 4. I would like to know, if you can help me, how can i reset the PCB printed circuit board that controlls the cells charging. I think the PCB is not working, since it measures a quite precise voltage I mean that it shows the correct battery chargin percentagebut it doesn't allow the cells to be charged by the current that flows in from the laptop charger.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. There already are 3rd party batteries. And some people are disconnecting the lipo cells and connecting their own packets to the board. I don't see much benefit in looking at this firmware.

Asus A41 X550A battery controller doesn't work

But id someone wanted to, first step would be to look at the battery board and identify microcontroller used. It is. Processors which are not focused on computational power but on driving another hardware are called microcontrollers uC.

I'm pretty sure that was the issue. If the battery had time to cool down below zero, it would definitely act strange. There is a thermal sensor which usually blocks the drone from starting in such case. I guess they are authenticating the battery via a handshake on the I2C bus.

Communication with the battery is done via serial at baud and I've managed to simulate most of the communication enough to start the motors using an Arduino board. But I agree with mefistotelis that it is not wroth spending much time on the battery firmware as the 3rd party alternatives are easily available and cheap enough.

No, as I said I don't want to spend time on it to make it "shareable", sorry. The 3rd party replacements are good and cheap enough now. I was just about to start translating the description of the battery communication protocol into English, but seeing the attitude above I've really lost my motivation :. You do understand a difference between "Arduino code" and "description of the communication protocol" right? It is not just a handshake. It is continuous exchange of vital battery parameters including voltages, discharge current, temperature, charge level, errors, etc.

Well if you still willing to shRe the project with me that would be great. I think it would be alot of fun. I setup my battery to and was getting somthing but not sure what to make of it. Were you able to get any english fro. The console? Or if that's not the place to be looking for communication to acess the usage logs, can you suggest if I should access the I2C comms instead.

Sorry for digging up the post! But: Same problem here. I have connected a mAh battery to the TB47 board. It would be nice if I could "teach" the battery controller the new capacity.

Is there a solution for this by now? Both could be reprogrammed using ev and bqEVSW of bqStudio software after unsealing and getting full access to IC programming interface.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. TI BQ30Z Print Search. Kureigu Newbie Posts: 3.

Hello all. I'll try to keep this as short as possible while also providing as much information as I can. And I failed. As expected it didn't power up without said charger, and with, all was golden, or so it seemed. Windows reported that the battery was detected and charging. After seeing this, I proceeded to try various internet found methods to initiate an internal charge to no avail.

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Disassembly time The battery pack itself fortunately reveals the cells by simply peeling back a film. Measuring the voltages confirmed that it had been without power for quite some time, less 1. Being a So I trickle charged them in turn under NiCad mode up to a more respectable 3v each. I then continued to charge them correctly until the charge currant dropped to 0.

Disconnected mains, instant off. Cells good, battery pack doesn't charge or have power out at header. One of its many protection features is a series of "permanent" failure states, which is stored in flash and can be reset. I believed that the critical low voltage fail state was triggered during storage.

Their own Battery Management Studio "bqStudio" does not list my chip, and I'm not sure on how to interface with the chip anyway. Pins 13 "SBS 1.Log In New customer? Start here. Order History. Manufacturer: Texas Instruments. CAD Models. Alternate Names.

Unlocking Thinkpad Batteries

Texas Instruments has several brands around the world that may alttemate names for BQ30Z55 due to regional differences or acquisition. BQ30Z55 may also be known as the dollowing names:. Texas Instruments Inc. Part Number Mfr. After-sales Guarantee. During this period ,we could provide free technical maintenance if there are any problems about our products. If you find quality problems about our products after receiving themyou could test them and apply for unconditional refund if it can be proved.

But it's just on this premise that the product is not used and the packing is not damaged. BQ30Z55 Related keyword. Please fill in the content! Stock: Can Ship Immediately. Unit Price: Call. Warm Tips: Please fill out the below form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Payment Method. How to purchase. Contact US. Tel Email:info kynix. Skype Chat with me. Phone: Texas Instruments BQ30Z View Similar. Comment Please fill in the content! FedEx www. Registered Mail www. IC Chips.A few months ago, [Matt] realized he needed another battery for his Thinkpad XT.

The original battery would barely last 10 minutes, and he wanted a battery that would last an entire plane flight. With the problem clearly defined, [Matt] had a few options open to him. The first was opening both batteries, and replacing the cells in the old genuine battery with the cells in the newer not genuine battery. The second option was modifying the firmware on the non-genuine battery.

This last option is the one he went with. With the schematics for his laptop in hand, [Matt] found the embedded controller responsible for battery charging, and after taking a few educated guesses had some success. He ran into problems, though, when he discovered some strangely encrypted code in the software image.

As far as interesting mods go, this is right at the top, soon to be overshadowed by a few dozen comments complaining about DRM in batteries. Way to go Lenovo! Not just a few months ago, but like the 3rd rootkit in a year. I feel companies like Lenovo are quite often very bad at communicating the reasons for these actions.

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For example: The bios lockdown many manufacturers choose to use is actually forced on them by FCC regulations and similar regulations in most countries. Not just the wifi adapter but the combination of adapter and antenna needs to be certified. Lenovo who is sued and Lenovo who needs to prove the burned remains actually contained an aftermarket battery.

Why am I able to replace my hdd with a random ssd? Why can I replace my dvd drive with a secondary hdd? I know, right? Hardly, if consumers stand for these sort of things companies will do them, do you think Apple prefers you to go to a third party repair shop or to an Apple store? If we allow companies to lock down our hardware they will do it.

The latest versions of USB-C spec have controllers in the cable itself, because someone decided that telling which way it goes in is hard and time-consuming — and apparently the cable needs active components to figure it out on its own and switch the signals.

Some even do the printer cartridge trick. Pretty much everything inside the thing is glued to the display panel and everything else is affixed using those idiotic pentalobe screws…. So now our network is twice as big and staff still have to use the fleet of P-4 machines we had because the grading and student management software only runs on Windows. I wanted a replacement battery for my Ts.

Lenovo just point me to suppliers who are permanently out of stock. Why are Laptop batteries not designed with a new more useful setup? For instance like a usb type C device so I can remove my laptop battery and connect it to a phone or charge it by usb C. Most laptop batteries use batteries, tons of tape and glue as well as a thermistors. The charging circuit may as well be a tp Then I could just mix and match hardware. Probably because there are close to none 3.

Now charging phone from them is cool, bit not most practical in the age of cheap powerbanks, which are more practical. One has to wonder if there is market research that shows that the loss of goodwill is offset by the gains this sort of anti consumer tactics, like chipping otherwise generic parts, bricking devices with non-OEM repairs and so on? By the time people need a new battery, the amount of brand-steering they do is probably not that important to companies.

My experience is that finding a reputable supplier even for supposedly OEM batteries has become increasingly difficult.